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"Wando power and equipment has been a staple of loyalty and dependability that is and has been greatly appreciated by our company. It is a pleasure buying equipment from them because we know from experience that your equipment is only as good as your service and availability to parts when you are in the commercial landscaping industry. They have always been there to cover our bases on regular maintenance and emergency situations. The price brothers work in harmony to keep the store running at optimal performance and you can bet they learned from the best! if there is something out of reach they will go the distance to accommodate your needs and in my opinion that's PRICE less. Stick with the best. Stick with Wando Power and Equipment!"


ReBearth Lawn Care LLC

"You guys really do me right. I call from Kuwait City about a flat tire on my mower and the owners son comes and gets my mower! Not just came and got the mower but helped my wife get it out of the garage off the charger put it on the trailer and e-mailed me the next day regarding parts needed. Now that is "Price"less. You can get cheaper but their is a trade off, you can't get the same great level of customer support and great communication at bargain chain stores. Support your local retailers and the rewards will out weigh those few dollars you might save at big box stores."


Mount Pleasant Lawn Care LLC

"Awesome! Great, friendly staff. Fair prices. Got my aluminum trailer repaired. They went above and beyond and at an exceptional price. Kudos to you guys."

Morris E.

"Staff is always very helpful and accommodating especially with newly arrived equipment. Also very timely in servicing of equipment. Much appreciated!"

Mike L.